Important information about PL100 Powerline from Happy-Donation. 

1. "Video A Star Rises" - Happy-Donation

2. PL100 Workshop coming soon

3. General information about PL100 Powerline Happy-Donation

4. FAQ - PL100 Powerline Happy-Donation

5. Video - All about the upgrades

1. A star rises - Happy-Donation

2. PL100 Workshop in a nutshell

(The workshop will be updated regularly!)

3. General information about PL100 Powerline Happy-Donation

Until PL100 automation programming is complete, new PL100s can only be manufactured after consultation with the sponsor or support. In order to trust errors, it is important that you meet again with the upline, sponsor or support before a personal relationship is established.

4. FAQ - PL100 Powerline Happy-Donation

1. What is the PL100?

The PL100 is a powerline tool based on a 2-person matrix that allows controlled cycles to become people from a humanitarian database! Since this is done for all PL100 accounts, this tool has a different synergy effect! You can see the last cycle in the video above.

2. What does the PL100 cost?

You buy one time 100 USD to your sponsor or to the support of Happy-Donation. The actual cost is 20 USD and the rights 80 USD are managed by the responsible persons after registration on your credit account. From Happy-Donation you will receive 40 USD from a campaign and with this money you will be able to use it for the further cycle tracks.

3. Can I upgrade another account to PL100?

No, I can't. The normal structure with 20 USD membership fee cannot be mixed with the Powerline. A PL100 account can only register one PL100 account. The second account as well as the humanitarian account can also register only one PL100. In this case the required credit must be available on the credit account.

4. is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is! We are still in the beta phase for Happy-Donation's 1st birthday (18.08.2020), but we already have a money-back guarantee. If a member of PL100 has not received his bet in payments within 2 years, he will get his money back from support. The account then becomes the property of Happy-Donation and will later be handed over to a social institution.

5. What does humanitarian database mean?

People can register on the website With their absence they are then registered in the humanitarian database. From there, the powerline tool PL100 retrieves the data for the registrations at Happy-Donation. So every PL100 belongs to a not insignificant part and a humanitarian aid, which does not exist in this form yet.
After the 3rd upgrade, the humanitarian accounts receive the first money in the credit account and can be paid out. In which form is this regulated by the support. For example, we send mobile phone credit globally as call credit or even as money. This is expected from country to country. 

This humanitarian database is the heart of the PL100 from Happy-Donation. In the first two months more than 1,500 humanitarian accounts were registered.

6. What does it mean when I receive a payment from HD-Marketing-4?

These payments are from the promotion! For each double registration by the system you will receive 10 USD to your credit account in PL100. Also from this pot will be paid the 40 USD, which you will receive after registration.

7. What does it mean when I receive a payment from HD Support?

If you have purchased a credit from support, you will receive this credit from the HD Support account.

8. How can I cash out credits?

There are three options:
1. You have a new partner who has transferred the 100 USD to your private account. If you have sufficient funds in your account, you can now register the new member and send him/her the 80 USD. Sending the 80 USD will be done automatically by the system..
2. You ask your sponsor or upline or even in your team if someone needs credit. Then you send the amount to the member's credit account and he or she transfers the Euros to your private account. This way you can save the support work at the moment!
3. You send an email to the support and tell them the amount you want to have paid out. Please also provide the correct bank details. The support will tell you to which username you should send the amount internally and when this is done you will receive an email with the proof that the transfer was made.

Later, when we have the trust bank, it will be much easier! We will inform you separately about this!


9. How to cancel an account?

That is actually not decided and will also be decided not a meeting. This is an account given, which pays out its balance and the account details are changed. This account then becomes the property of Happy-Donation. Amounts in the upgrade account will not be paid out. It cannot become an account at Happy-Donation.

We will ask the further questions and here we will. If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. Video - All about the upgrades