The philosophy of Happy-Donation

Many people all over the world no longer know how to make ends meet financially or how to fulfil their dreams.

This is why a small group of visionaries have created Happy-Donation to open up an individual path for every person worldwide. Transparency, faith and trust are the cornerstones of every community. Interpersonal interaction is also an important part of Happy-Donation. This is the basic idea of this humanitarian project Happy-Donation, people help people - directly.

Happy-Donation can do nothing against war, disease or environmental catastrophes. But every human being can take the chance to make his way with Happy-Donation. People help people, children and adults directly to eat a warm meal once a day, drink clean water and live a decent life.

The start at Happy-Donation is possible with only 20 USD, it doesn't need a cent more! Benefactors join this humanitarian project and support destitute people at the start. Without getting into debt, absolutely EVERYONE can fulfil his dreams with Happy-Donation. Those who accept the invitation to Happy-Donation will soon find out that they can use all the advantages free of charge.

Happy-Donation is a very effective project, a program of the unique kind. All funds are monitored on a fiduciary basis. The automated system itself promotes the growth of the community necessary for the success of all members.

Those who accept the invitation to participate in Happy Donation will quickly discover the advantages Happy-Donation offers. Clarity, faith, trust are the cornerstones of society and also an important part of Happy-Donation.

Together for one another!

Welcome to the people who make up this community of Happy-Donation!

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