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News August 28, 2020

A new action (4 members + 1 HD account) is started. As soon as you have registered 4 new members with the HD20, you have to report this to the support by email. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Now the support will send you 20 USD in your credit account and register for you as a tipper an HD20 account of the Happy-Donation belongs to. This is not done to push the growth but we want to have Happy-Donation accounts distributed all over the structure. This will later be used to register people from the humanitarian advertising database.

News August 25, 2020

Since today we have a new video in sign language in the media library under special. The video explains Happy-Donation and the HD20.

The following action starts immediately:
Happy-Donation would like to set a humanitarian standard in the area of the handicapped. A handicapped person pays 10 Euros to join Happy-Donation. The sponsor sends the 10 Euros and confirms that he has the disabled person's card! After the money is received by the support of Happy-Donation, the sponsor receives 20 USD on his credit account and can register the member. This promotion is initially valid until October 31, 2020 with the option of an extension!

News August 23, 2020

The new programming tool is uploaded and active and works fine until now! What has changed? Up to the 5 level all payments go into the upgrade account. As soon as the respective threshold limit is reached, the system will trigger the next upgrade. From the 5th level on you are actually through at Happy-Donation! Now they have built a great team together and when you are in level 5 all payments are shared. Now 50% of each payment goes into the credit account. See under Workshop the Video Upgrades.

News August 21, 2020

Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes, there is! We are still in the beta phase for the 1st birthday of Happy-Donation (18.08.2020), but we already have a money-back guarantee. If a member of PL100 has not received his bet in payments within 2 years, he will get his money back from support. The account then becomes the property of Happy-Donation and will later be handed over to a social institution.

News August 20, 2020

Since today you can find the workshop from 18.08.2020 in the media library under the category workshop. This was the workshop for the 1st birthday of Happy-Donation

News 18. August 2020

Today is Happy-Donation's first birthday. One year ago Happy-Donation started its beta phase. After the phase of free registrations was a big flop, the initiators faced a big task after the beta start! After only one year there is a remarkable PL100 structure followed by a still quite young HD20 structure. The first year was the year of developing and building the foundation and for the coming year the focus will be on building! It should be mentioned that in the first year over 5000 humanitarian accounts were registered! This is a great result! The workshop on 18.08. was well attended and has started the new year successfully!

News 16. August 2020

Today the Telegram-Infochat of Happy-Donation was started. The previous chat will soon no longer be administratively managed! The invitation link of the new group chat in German language is:
In English language:

News August 14, 2020

The new programming tool is now in its final phase. There are still several tests to be done and then the tool will be uploaded! There will be an Infor out to everyone.

News 02. August 2020

From now on there is a new link for the conference room of Happy-Donation! Every tuesday at 20.31 HD20 will be presented. On Thursdays the PL100 is also presented at 20.31 hrs.
Here is the link for the conference room:

News July 28, 2020

We are still testing the new programming tool. When it is installed it will be easier for many active members who have level 5 and higher to register new members! We hope to upload the update soon. 

News July 14, 2020

Info from support !!
This infochat has fallen into oblivion! We will get better! At the moment the new programming tool is stressing us a bit. The tests are not finished yet. But we are confident that the update can be done in the next days.
What will change: From level 5 on, 50% of every payment received will go into the credit account.

News June 24, 2020

The workshops take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.31 hrs. Tuesdays with the topic HD20 and Thursdays with the topic PL100. Here again the link:

News 04. June 2020

We have a new link for the conference room where Happy-Donation's workshops are held. Here is the new link:

News 14 May 2020

Each PL100 account costs 100 USD. After registration, each PL100 account will receive an additional HD20 account. The sponsor of PL100 and HD20 are identical! So everybody has the possibility to register new members as PL100 or HD20! 

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News 06. May 2020

Info from the support !!
Until the PL100 programming is completed, each PL100 member will receive an account in the HD20 structure. As soon as the programming for the automation of the PL100 is completed, this is no longer necessary. A healthy week to all!

News May 02, 2020

Info from the support !!
In the last days we registered the PL100 structure with the pure PL100 accounts as HD20 structure. We have sent an email from the system to the account. Everybody has to add an email from himself to the profile. Otherwise they will not get the growth of your team in the HD20! HD20 we call the structure where you can register new partners with 20 USD. Please exchange the emails. Thank you very much and a happy weekend to everyone!

? News April 24, 2020

Today, three structures have been implemented and then the cash flows have been reviewed. Everything works and from now on members can be registered for 20 USD. If you have a free account from the pre-launch phase, you should ask your sponsor or support if it makes sense to work in the account. Support will give you neutral advice. 

? News April 21, 2020

All PL100 accounts are now registered in the same order with 20 USD. Registration is complete and all usernames beginning with 20 can now register members for 20 USD. We will inform you when the three main structures are implemented. If you need credit, please contact your sponsor. For assistance if needed. We recommend every new partner in Euroland to pay 20 Euros to their sponsor. Euros are a bit more, but this way you save the discussion about currency conversion. We will now work at full speed to update and complete the automation of the PL100. More information will follow.


? Nachrichten 18. April 2020

The registration of members for 20 USD will be possible again soon. Happy-Donation has come up with something for this. Every PL100 account (those are the memberships where you paid 100 USD) will get an account for 20 USD from Happy-Donation. The registrations are made identical to the registrations of the PL100 accounts. So after completing the registrations for each PL100 there is the possibility to register members for 20 USD. The PL100 can not be mixed with the 20 USD accounts or vice versa.

Only PL100 accounts can be registered in the PL100 structure. And in the 20 USD structure only the 20 USD memberships.
Before each registration 20 USD will be sent from HD-Marketing-2 to the credit account. With this credit, the PL100 account is then registered in the 20 USD structure. Once all PL100 accounts are registered, anyone can register members for 20 USD. More information will be available in the workshops on Tuesday and Thursday at 20.31 in the following conference room:

? News April 03, 2020

We have just registered the three thousandth humanitarian account in Support. However, we will be registering slightly less from now on, as registrations for PL100 have also declined due to the situation.
This will allow us to focus on completing the programming for the 20-USD registrations. If you have any questions, please contact the support or at the upcoming workshop on Tuesday, April 07, 2020 at 20:31. Have a happy weekend and stay healthy!

? News March 31, 2020

Soon the possibility will be completed that you can also join Happy-Donation with 20 USD one-time membership fee. Further our programmer is working on the second phase for the PL100. After the completion, which will take some time, the legal form will be activated and the planned foundation will be prepared. When all this is finished, the official start of Happy-Donation is planned. Let us look forward to a very exciting future!

? News March 21, 2020

We have occupied the conference room of Happy-Donation from 16.00 o'clock until about 20.00 o'clock! Smal-talk is announced of course about the current topics!

? News March 20, 2020

? HD Support intends to occupy the conference room from Saturday onwards, so that Happyan people can meet there and exchange information as they wish. Not only information about Happy-Donation but also about Corona, which is very busy at the moment! The times will be announced soon! Apart from that a quiet and above all a healthy weekend!

? News March 18, 2020

Hello to all Happyan
We will soon be registering members with 20 USD again. But you can't combine this with the Powerlline PL100. With the automation of the PL100 it will still take some time. This is a very big programming incision. It's all on the green! With the programming of the PL100 we will also add a part to the credit account at a not yet determined upgrade at every payment receipt. This is an improvement of the system and will be implemented in the PL100! More information will follow!

? News March 11, 2020

Current info:
The construction of the PL100 is still going very well! The platform meets the requirements 100%. Soon it will be possible to register members with 20 USD. We are also working on that. Network plan and diagram for PL100 are almost finished! Probably in 4 to 6 weeks PL100 will be automated. A successful week to all!

? News February 20, 2020

? Workshop or Online Presentation each Tuesday and Thursday at 20.31

For all those who want to make a successful start with Happy Donation ❤️

You are also welcome to invite interested parties ?

Here is the link to the conference room of Happy-Donation:

News February 10th, 2020

The PL100 programming is started! We already have 300 Happyans with PL100 status. Registrations from the humanitarian database more than 1.400
After less than 10 weeks there are already several accounts where the 6th and 7th upgrade was made! This is a great development. Thanks to all of you for your trust in Happy-Donation! We have started something very special here. Let?s go ????

? News February 04, 2020

We have now created an info for the promotion of the humanitarian database. The Humanitarian Database is the core of the Happy Donation Human Project. We have it in German, English and Russian.

? News January 21st 2020

Happy-Donation-Time from Monday to Friday
at 8:31.
Tuesday and Thursday "Workshop" and
Monday, Wednesday and Friday questions will be answered!
Here the link to the conference room:

? News January 14th, 2020

We offer needy people an active account in our structure by registering on our humanitarian advertising site. The account will bring regular payments in a few weeks. If you have contacts in poor countries, you should pass on this information that people are registering in those countries. Every registration brings Happy-Donation and therefore us all further. The humanitarian advertising site is:
We should all support each other now. People help people and that in a very fine way. We are looking forward to many registrations! Let`s go!!

? News January 11th, 2020

We in the support team are once again completely thrilled today. There are actually Happyaners who have managed to reach the 5th level in less than 6 weeks. Two even reached the 6th level and one the 7th level. This is the reward for activity and trust in Happy-Donation. Also the PL100, who haven't registered themselves yet, are fully on schedule. Of course, it also has something to do with luck. The more PL100 accounts you have in your team, the faster it grows. But don't worry, the system fills all the gaps and so everyone can enjoy receiving regular payments.
One more request to everyone: Do some advertising for the humanitarian advertising site of Happy-Donation.
We have already registered more than 500 humanitarian accounts. On the one hand we help people to get some money soon and on the other hand these registrations make us active Happy-doers happy! This is a WinWin-System, which we have never experienced ourselves! And it is already like this for many people, who can experience what is happening at the moment. We from Support wish you all a happy weekend! ???????

? News January 09, 2020

The PL100 is developing very well! Finally the way for a successful future for many Happyaner is found. To date we have made more than 500 registrations from the humanitarian database. The technology works perfectly. We will now continue to build and complete the portal step by step.

? News January 6, 2020

At the turn of the year we recorded what had previously been registered in the PL100:
137 registrations PL100 Accpunts
270 registrations of 2nd accounts and HD accounts
326 registrations from the humanitarian database!
This result is far more than the planned target. We have already paid out the first dollars to humanitarian accounts. There are already several accounts that have reached levels 4, 5, 6 and 7. This is great in this short time. Many thanks to all Happyan people who make this possible. Happy-Donation will write history. Let`s go!!

? News December 27th, 2019

We hope that you have survived the Christmas holidays well. We continue to work on the conversion from HD.
The PL100 is running surprisingly well.
As of 24.12.2019 we have:
125 PL100 registrations
223 double accounts and HDPL accounts
165 registrations from the Humanitarian Database.
At the moment the 3 cycle is running. This means that in the next few days many more people will be registered from the Humanitarian Database.
We in Support are currently focusing on the PL100. This is growing and is fun. The conversion of the normal accounts is in preparation. All active Happyaners, those who paid 20 USD after the beta start, will not be forgotten by HD. There are several active teams and in these active teams all individual accounts are combined.
For this purpose there will be a workshop with two parts at the end of the year. In the first part the situation and the planning will be announced and in the second part the HD- Powerline will be presented.
The webinar will take place on Monday, 30.12.2019 at 20.31.
Duration approx. 30 minutes. Both parts will be recorded separately and can be watched at We wish you all a pleasant last weekend in 2019 ???

? News December 20th 2019

Tonight at 8:30 Happy-Donation
1st situation HD
2. presentation of the HD-Powerline
3. presentation of the HD-Powerline PL100
4. questions
Here the link to the conference room:

? Nachrichten 16. Dezember 2019

We in Support would like to give you this information:
The HD-Powerline was started on 20.10.2019.
In October 53 registrations were made.
in November there were 76 registrations
In December we integrated the PL100 and so far 37 PL100 have been registered. Many existing powerliners have also switched to PL100. So in December a total of 380 registrations have been made, with many humanitarian registrations already included.
After Christmas the next cycle starts with more than 200 registrations and so we think we will get more than 500 registrations in December. This is really fun! ?
The interest is very great. Finally, all the work in the run-up to the event is respected and all those who are present now can see and notice almost daily how Happy-Donation is growing. We wish everyone the right decision. Information is available from your sponsor or from the support of Happy-Donation.

? News December 16th 2019

Since today there is a new link to the humanitarian advertising page of Happy-Donation
On this advertising page all people worldwide can apply for a membership at Happy-Donation for free!
This is important now, because we need a lot of people who need help for PL100.

? News December 14th 2019

The PL100 will certainly be available until October 2020, so a later entry is always possible! We have only just started and what has happened so far has positively surprised many. HD works very well. And now I come to the passivity of many Happy people. We already told severalmaks that the phase of free registration was a big mistake. It just made a lot of work for many people and in the end nothing came of it. Many partners were wrongly or not at all informed and many don't even know how HD works. We also faced the problem of how to motivate 20,000 free registered members.
We only saw the possibility of the HD-Powerline.
Soon we will merge all members who were registered after the beta start and therefore paid, into an active structure. How this works we will report. HD will not forget anyone.
Then there are two possibilities. Normal EInstieg without specifications and the HD-Powerline.
In the Powerline, members have reached levels 4, 5 and 6 in the first two months. As of today there are 118 registrations in the HD-Powerline. About 80% of them are in the PL100. In total there were 362 registrations in the HD-Powerline in only two months. Also more than 100 people from the humanitarian database were registered. That makes it a lot of fun.
So if you want to participate in PL100, you should consult with your sponsor or send an email to the support. We wish everyone a reflective 3rd Advent weekend. The PL100 will be available until October 2020, so a later entry is possible at any time! We have only just started and what has happened so far has positively surprised many. HD works very well. And now I come to the passivity of many Happy people. We already told severalmaks that the phase of free registration was a big mistake. It just made a lot of work for many people and in the end nothing came of it. Many partners were wrongly or not at all informed and many don't even know how HD works. We also faced the problem of how to motivate 20,000 free registered members.

? News December 09, 2019

The current topic is the HD-Powerline PL100. We are very successful in building it up. The first workshops will be held before Christmas. You can see again that Happy-Donation is not responsible for the construction. Responsible are the partners who have registered new partners. And these members, who have recognized it, will have a lot of fun with Happy-Donation. The system with the automatic works without any mistakes and inspires. The HD Support wishes a contemplative Advent season! ?????

? News December 01, 2019

??? Statement
It is very good that the wheat is being separated from the chaff at the moment. The campaign of free registrations was a very big mistake. This did not result in much positive things for the support team outside of work. But if we hadn't done this action at that time, the now very active Happyans wouldn't be in the system. Yes, we see only the positive here. We started the Powerline 6 weeks ago and during this time we have laid the foundation for a very active structure. Two Happyan have already reached the 5th level in this time. Congratulations. In the big structure of Happy-Donation there are about 1 percent which are active. These Happyaners, who registered after the beta start, are combined in one structure. This will of course be done in consultation with the respective sponsor. Everything will be processed correctly.
Possibly necessary new registrations will be paid by a patron of Happy-Donation.
Furthermore we started the Powerline 6 weeks ago and since one week there is HD-Powerline PL100.
If you believe in Happy-Donation and want to make a difference, please contact the support and you will get all necessary information.
Happy-Donation has kept everything that was promised. Everybody who registered for free got an active account.
For a membership you now pay 20 USD. Happy-Donation is not responsible for the sales development. Everyone is responsible for himself and his team. Nobody is forced to work with the portal of Happy-Donation. Everyone has to decide this for himself. We from the support wish all Happy-Donation employees a contemplative time in the night. Let's go ???????

? Nachrichten 30. November 2019

? Again one week is over and tomorrow is the first Advent! The HD-Powerlin is growing rapidly and you can already see that this is the right way. We have now additionally installed the HD-Powerline PL100 for support. The first accounts have already reached Upgrade 5 within the first 6 weeks. So if you really believe in HD and want to make a difference yourself, you should get information from the support. Now a Happy-Weekend and a Happy-1st Advent to all of you ????

? News November 22nd 2019

It has become a little quiet around Happy-Donation. In the background, however, work on the upcoming programming tools is running at full speed. The HD-Powerline washes and develops very well! We are also working on a way to bring all active Happyaners together. From next week on we will give you the important information in live workshops. We now wish you a Happy-Weekend! ????

? News November 13th 2019

We now have 75 registrations in the HD-Powerline. In the HD-Powerline everyone commits to make two registrations per month! Whoever does not meet this target, loses his account. This will then be taken over by Happy-Donation. Because every account must be active, at least a monthly doubling is seen, which of course becomes more interesting from month to month. Who knows the power of duplication knows this. Through this action we achieve a growth, which we can show to certain patrons later. If you want to join in, you can attend regular workshops starting next week and invite your interested parties to join! Of course the normal build-up will continue! Let's go! ?????

? News 06 November 2019

We are still working on the HD Marketplace! Soon we will also offer regular workshops on our Powerline. The initiators of Happy-Donation are now aware that the free registration phase was a mistake.
In the end it has and it will still make a lot of work. Many accounts with wrong email addresses have been created and this is currently being analyzed.
The programming plan will be continued. After the marketplace comes the HD automation, a voucher system, and the humanitarian database is connected to the main system. The legal form as well as the trust bank are also important points in the process to the official start of Happy Donation. It doesn't matter how fast Happy Donation grows! Everything will be ready and Happy Donation will go its way. It's a pity that so many free registered members haven't recognized the project yet. We wish all Happyans a successful remaining week! ?

? News October 25, 2019

We are already working on the marketplace! He will be multilingual and everyone can use his loved one for the Happyans! This marketplace will be a significant added value for the Happy Donation membership! Further information will follow! ????

? News October 23, 2019

The problem with the email dispatch is solved! From now on all emails should be delivered correctly.

? News 20 October 2019

 Since today you can buy the first Happy-Donation T-Shirt on Ebay! More Happy Donation products will follow! (From 6 pieces free shipping)
Here is the link:

? News 20 October 2019

We started a HD powerline tonight! All members of this powerline commit themselves to make at least 2 registrations per month! Thus an energy effect is obtained and that of the finest! Who has interest, should inquire over its Tippgeber. Otherwise support! This HD-Powerline will do Happy-Donation very well and therefore all Happy-Donators. We also hope that tomorrow we can report the problem with undeliverable emails as done.

? News 12 October 2019

We have a little problem right now that we're working out. Emails sent from the server are sometimes not delivered. If a registered member does not receive an activation link, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

? News 06 October 2019

Today we successfully moved to the new server! Herewith another big step has been done. On the new server there is a multiple protection against attacks on the system. In terms of security everything is done now! Now further program sequences are prepared. ???

? News September 27, 2019

At the moment the move to the new server is being prepared. We are also working intensively on the translations of the info page The languages Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Polish will be available soon! In addition, every Happyan will be able to buy promotional materials at a reasonable price in a shop. T-shirt, business cards, postcards, flyers and much more! A good weekend start for all Happyans! ???

? News September 22, 2019

Each Happyaner can create his own advertising page shortly. There is an automatic subdomain generator. No administration is necessary! This is only possible with HD

Here is something to see!  

 ? News September 19, 2019

At the moment we are working on the following sections:

1. database check on the Malaysia server

2nd info page will be developed further.

3. soon there will be an automatic subdomain generator, which will provide every Happyaner with a personalized advertising page. And without costs!

The growth at Happy Donation is still a bit slow! But you should know that Happy Donation has all the time in the world. We don't have to grow fast. And the Happyans, who understood it, use the current action. To all a nice start into a Happy-Weekend. 

? News 15 September 2019 11.35 p.m.

Let's go! We installed the database on the server in Malaysia tonight and everything worked without any problems. We will now test it for two days and then the database will be deleted again! We will probably move the current database at the end of next week! Everything is going according to plan and we are approaching the official start of Happy Donation. Happy start to the week for everyone. ???

? News September 11, 2019 08.35 p.m.

We have now finished the HD Shop for the purchase of credit. Here is the link:
The following procedure: Payment only via Paypal. The purchase is associated with fees, since HD now has a Paypal merchant account. After the payment the member receives an email with the request to indicate his user name on which the credit is to be loaded! After the reservation there is an info by email that the reservation is finished.

It is of course still possible for Europe to agree directly with the support to recharge the credit! There are no fees! Via the shop you can pay worldwide via Paypal!

 ? News september 11, 2019 00.45 a.m. (German time)

Today we made the first test purchase in the HD shop, it all worked. There you can buy credit worldwide starting tomorrow. Link still comes. This HD shop is only available until it is programmed in the dashboard. This week the move to the server in Malaysia is prepared. Another info: The beta phase is with all functions. One can register. Everything works. If you imagine that only every 10 in September a new member registers HD goes through the ceiling.
Let's go ?????

? News september 08, 2019 12.45 p.m. (German time)

??? Happy Donation announces the first action!
This action is made possible by a patron of Happy Donation!
Each Happy-Donation member who registers two new partners will receive an additional 10 USD in his credit account.
The two registrations must be within one week.
2. send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the username of the sponsor and the two registered members.
3. support checks and books the 10 USD into the credit account.
Several couples can be registered from one username. This action runs until the money is used up. The payment comes over the account HD-Marketing-4
If you need credit, you can request it from your sponsor or support.
We wish all Happyans much success! ???

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? News september 07, 2019 10.00 a.m. (German time)

The email notifications are working fine! We have just put the revised information page of the dtEurope Group online Link:

This will now be checked again and then the first Happy-Donation advertising campaign will be launched shortly. A Happy-Weekend to all Happy-Donators ???

? News september 05, 2019 11.00 a.m. (German time)

Every member now gets an info if the system in his account has made an upgrade!

Furthermore each member receives the information about an incoming payment, which was triggered by an upgrade.

? News 05. September 2019, 15.00 Uhr

We are currently building the new info page of dtEurope. In the beginning it will be in German, English and Russian. The new info page is online from today! There all important things are summarized. The infopage is neutral and can be used by everyone. No data is needed or recorded on the info page. Further information will follow! ???️

? News September 04, 2019, 11:00 a.m.

We are all pioneers at Happy-Donation. The more people are enthusiastic about Happy-Donation, the easier it becomes. If you have a problem with 20 USD / Euro, you should register for free on the advertising page of Happy-Donation There it then asks for a membership. And for those for whom the 20 USD / EURO is no problem, they should just join! It is very, very simple! The Happyans, who have understood this, do exactly that. The speed does not matter for Happy-Donation. Happy-Donation needed time until it was ready and also has time for the further development of the platform and also the current growth is quite ok. So the platform grows with the tasks.

Our new partners have no problem with Happy-Donation. They start at level 1 and then it builds up. If everyone registers only one member, every Happy-only member will reach his goal. ??? ???

? News 04. September 2019, 10.10 Uhr

Happy-Donation is slowly picking up speed. The platform will grow with it. Some more tools will be uploaded. At the moment everybody notices what's going on in his team! With every registration an email is sent to the whole upline.

? News 29. August 2019, 14.10 Uhr

Happy-Donation belongs to its members and also depends on the activity of its members! The more something is done, the better it is for each individual. Each registration triggers further upgrades, which in turn trigger new registrations. Now it's up to every single member how Happy-Donation grows!

If each partner registers even one new member, Happy-Donation will go through the roof.

? News August 28, 2019 6.00 p.m. (German time)

We are doing an English workshop tonight at 9pm where general questions about the beta start will be answered. All English speaking Happyans are welcome.

Link to conference room:

We now have the Greek language completely in the system. Thanks to the Translater Marios. Now we will finish the Spanish and also the Portuguese language! More infos will follow.

? News August 26, 2019 2.00 a.m. (German time)

Hello Happyaner

We worked a lot before the start and registered a lot of partners. Especially in Russia it was fantastic what was achieved. We can now create a wonderful hype in which everyone registers a person from their family or themselves again. Of the 20 USD he receives 5 USD. Everyone will be a winner and it will happen incredible. Happy Donation and many people in the world will thank us for it. If you need information or help, please contact the support. Otherwise we wish you good luck, health and success! Your Happy Donation Support Team

? News August 25, 2019 4.00 p.m. (German time)

Something new every day! Search function for user name in the structure. And from now on everyone in the upline gets a notification when a new partner is registered.

German Workshop: tonight at 19.00 o'clock

Russian Workshop: tonight at 20.00 o'clock

Conference room:

There are many more tools to come. Be excited and start building your team now. Have fun

? News August 24, 2019 3.30 p.m. (German time)

On Sunday there will be a workshop at 19.00 in German and at 20.00 in Russian. The Dashboard will be introduced. Afterwards general information and questions will be answered!

Happy-Donation/dtEurope now has its own conference room:

? News August 23, 2019 7.30 p.m. (German time)

We would also like to point out here that the rules are now known to everyone! Under the login in red letters. We ask for your attention! Thank you

? News August 23, 2019 11.55 a.m. (German time)

We have now processed the many support requests and are up to date! Shortly the email notifications will be activated. Then an email will be sent if

  1. a partner in the team is registered
  2. a payment has been received
  3. the system has been upgraded
  4. information about changing the password
  5. information about the change of the email address

We will also offer times in the conference room where we will answer questions! Further information will follow!

? News August 21, 2019 4.19 p.m. (German time)

This is the disadvantage of integrating an existing structure with over 22,000 members into a new system! We are working on the support requests and will answer them all! Just be patient!

we would like to point out again that there is an info page with a lot of information:

We are already working on further development! Tonight there will be information about it. Everybody have fun with Happy Donation!

? News August 20, 2019 6.19 p.m. (German time)

We'll improve every day. We will activate the emails on Thursday or Friday! The upline will then receive an email when a new partner in the team has clicked on the activation link. There will also be an email notification when payment is received and when the system has been upgraded!

Many are overwhelmed because of the level display. The bigger the team, the higher the level display. But this is not a mistake. The more members are active in the team, the more often there is an incoming payment! Now it's time to inform other people about Happy Donation!

? News August 20, 2019 8.19 a.m. (German time)

We survived the first 24 hours after beta start well. The support was or is still a bit overloaded, because the login didn't work for some of them! We will work through all this today! You have to enter the data properly and there must be no spaces anywhere. When copying and pasting this can happen very fast.

We will now add more tools every day. At the start there were exactly 22,609 accounts and there were 133,865 transactions when integrating the structure. We are pleased that we can now all begin to build the organization without any compulsion and wish everyone every success. Should there be problems in any form or should a partner need credit for his start, please ask in your upline, in the individual chats or at support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Lets go

? News August 19, 2019 1.11 a.m. (German time)

The start has been successful! Congratulations to everyone who contributed in any way. Also thanks to all who registered for free. It is now a wonderful time and one should know that all who are now in the system have a sensational position. But the members who join in a year can also be more successful than those who have already joined in a year. The Happy-Donation system is simply fair. Now the request goes out to everyone: "Carry Happy-Donation out into the world! Have fun!

? News August 18, 2019 6.11 p.m. (German time)

It has been a turbulent and very emotional day so far! We can now announce the beta start!

Betastart today is 09:21 p.m. (German time)

Please visit to see the workshops. There it is described what you have to do. We have occupied the conference room at the same time.

Here is the link:

We now wish all of you a Happy Donation and good luck! Lets go ???️❤️❤️️?

? News August 18, 2019 10.00 a.m. (German time)

At the moment the database is being imported! There are only a few things to do for the start. Everything looks very good! Let's say it's only about a few hours now! More infos will follow!

? News August 17, 2019 9.10 p.m. (German time)

It's all wonderful! The conversion is complete! The 5 USD for the tipster already goes from the start to the credit account. The InfoPanel also displays the sponsor. Three more languages have already been set up for programming purposes. Greek, Spanish and Portuguese. The integration of the old structure into the new database has also been completed! The programmer has done an excellent job. Now not much is missing! Further information will follow!

? News August 17, 2019 06.40 a.m. (German time)

Today the database will be uploaded to the Deutsche Server! From 8.00 a.m. there will be a meeting with administrator and programming. We have already informed you that the project will run on the German server for the first few days. After the start the database on the server in Malaysia will be set up in the background and activated as soon as everything works. The database will be unavailable for a few minutes.

Further information will follow! Wish everyone a relaxed weekend!

? News August 16, 2019 10.45 p.m. (German time)

Everything's going very well! We are currently working on the language variables of the transactions. Then the domain is linked to the database. There are still some security settings to be made! We will soon start the wonderful Happy Donation project! More info tomorrow!

? News August 16, 2019 6.00 p.m. (German time)

We're all waiting for the launch! We can reassure you, he will come. There is another interesting info. So far, all payments triggered by an upgrade went into the upgrade account. Now Happy Donation will be even fairer. The 5 USD, which goes to the tipster during the first upgrade, go immediately to the credit account. The money on the credit account is freely available! The world has never seen anything like this before. Further information will follow! ????

? News August 16, 2019 2.00 p.m. (German time)

Thank you for your understanding. Those who have tested the dashboard themselves know what has been achieved. We know from the network that there are always naggers. Happy-Donation can't help the fact that nothing has worked for many people so far. And no matter how many emails we get, it doesn't go faster.

We will release the system when we are sure that it works. It should be this weekend. Just stay cool, enjoy the weekend.  Happy-Donation will show its members what it can do. And it's not a must to join Happy-Donation! And we don't promise anything. There are many workshops with all the information. Lets go ???

? News August 16, 2019 11.45 a.m. (German time)

It's a good day! It will be a good weekend! It starts something that will make history. Happy Donation. We haven't received a green light from our programmer yet! The structure has moved and now there are still some security holes to close! Everything in the green area. Our programmer is someone who works 100% neat and does not give himself any nakedness. This is a big advantage for all of us. We just have to give him the time now. The start is still scheduled for this weekend. We will inform you about the next steps! ????

? News August 15, 2019 9:00 p.m. (German time)

It crackles all over the world! We promise not to make it exciting on purpose. We in Support are waiting for the information from the programming department! The date will come. As soon as the date is fixed, credit can be deposited under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for the account. Simply write an email, indicate the amount and in which form you would like to pay it.

The following options are possible: Normal bank transfer (IBAN), Paypal, Skrill and Payeer. Other payments on request. The next info will come for sure! ???

? News August 15, 2019 00:30 p.m. (German time)

We've turned night back into day! We will announce the date of the beta start tonight. It will be either the coming Friday, Saturday or Sunday. That was the confirmation from the programmer last night.

The reason is the duration of the data transfers when importing from the old database to the new database. The deeper it goes into the structure; the more transactions are triggered! This is how you have to understand it.

We also have the English workshop with the topic: Start - step by step online. 

Thanks again to Irina and Rebecca for their support! Let's be happy about the start date!

? News August 14, 2019 01:45 p.m. (German time)

So far there are 16,000 accounts in the new database and it goes up to level 66. And it all works!

Simply fantastic what the programmer has achieved. More info will follow. ????

This evening the English Workshop with the topic: "Start - step by step" will be put online on our info page  Then all Happyans should have sufficient information for the start.

? News August 14, 2019 11:00 a.m. (German time)

Everything is in the green so far! We now also have the workshop "Start - Step by Step" in the Russian version online. Here is the link: 

Also for us everything very exciting! Further information will follow!

? News August 14, 2019 00:57 a.m. (German time)

We just got the info from the programming department that everything is going according to plan! The database is currently being imported!

? News 13. August 2019

 We have now deactivated the link to the dashboard on This is due to many attempts to log in. You can't log in or get a new password until the database is installed! So please stay calm. Inform your team that it will start soon! There is also a great joy in our support. And then we have a positive surprise at the start. We will inform you about the next steps. ????

? News 13. August 2019

Hooray, it could start soon. We just got a call that our programmer should have the database ready and it will be installed soon! This will take about 5 hours. With 100 members there are several thousand transactions. Freu . . .

The waiting will soon be over! More infos will follow!

? News 13. August 2019

Programming department is still working on the structure. It should be done soon. We are currently working on the last workshop in English and Russian. We are still looking for reinforcement. And someone who has experience with Powerpoint. Best of all someone who speaks German and the respective language. It would be easier for us to do that! We are all waiting for the releasing information from the programmer that the structure has moved and we can start! We will keep you up to date. Lets go

? News 12. August 2019

Important Info. is already online. The dashboard you get to when you click on the link is the Test-Dashboard. Only those who have a test account can log in there.

After we have announced the beta start, everyone can get his login with his known password and the password forgotten option.

There was a meeting today at noon! Programmer was busy all night preparing the structure for the move. He gets it done! So have a little patience. We will keep you informed.

? News 12. August 2019

The workshop in German language is online. If you summarize the last workshops, you should know everything you need to know for a successful start of Happy Donation. We will offer this workshop in more languages. Here is the link: 

Work will continue in the background and more information will come later. Lets go

? News 11. August 2019

Everything is waiting! Also we wait in the support! What is being done at the moment! I'll try to describe it! The structure is checked with different tests! For example, if the sponsor that is displayed is actually somewhere in the upline.

There are a lot of ID numbers up to the highest ID with the number 1. And the admin of Happy-Donation has to work through all errors old. Further it is checked whether there are not more than two positions under each account. There were also errors. Once this check has been completed, nothing stands in the way of moving the structure. Keep in mind that we have more than 24,000 accounts to check. Don't worry, it won't take long, and then it should. We wait hourly for the release message.

In the meantime another workshop has been produced in German and will go online tonight. The other languages will follow. Let's wait and be happy about the unique Happy Donation. We won't be disappointed! Info will follow!

? News 10. August 2019

We can't understand that there are Happyans who haven't paid anything, don't have a big team and complain that Happy Donation hasn't started yet. The team that generates this project is self-financing. Pay for the server, where many can also read this information. Very few have paid anything. There is normally nobody who does anything for free! And as you know, with Happy Donation everyone has the same opportunity. The 20 USD are passed on to 100% and the initiators have nothing of it. Every initiator has his team. Nothing more. So please be so fair and have patience and respect that this team exists in this form. Happy Donation will come and much better than expected. The support thanks in the name of the team for your understanding.

? News 10. August 2019

We work in all areas. The homepage is online and finished. The Test-Dashboard is already linked. This will be deleted with the move and replaced by the active structure. Everything works from the technical point of view. Our programmer and the admin of are constantly in contact and check the assignments in the old system. With over 23.000 registrations this is a master achievement! These checks should also be completed shortly.

Furthermore, the registration form on the advertising page has been simplified and the texts adapted. Also an info that one is on the advertising side of Happy Donation. Let's see what happens today! We will inform!

? News 10. August 2019

Everything is very exciting. Also we in support and administration. The homepage is already online.

The programmer is working on the structural change. And as soon as the structure move is completed, the login from the dashboard to the start page is activated and then it starts. At the moment we are testing the dashboard and the upgrade 9 worked without problems. More info will follow! Happyday to all!

? News 09. August 2019

Here now the information of the beta start. We do not have an appointment yet at 11.30 o'clock. But it will come soon.

At the moment the tests are carried out on This database will be deleted soon and the structure of HD-Alte Version will be moved to this database. This is very easy and we have direct access to the server and can react quickly. Then we start with the beta start. At the same time, the database is also placed on the server in Malaysia and tested there. If everything works on the server in Malaysia, we move internally from the German server to the Malaserver. That's what we do at night and very few people will notice.

We want to avoid a possible delay, because we all want to start. For us from the distribution nothing changes, except that we start at the beginning on the domain Later the domain will be

It is just a precautionary measure. It may take several days until the server in Malaysia runs smoothly! That's what we want to avoid and the IT can be set up while we build properly with all functions in the background.

As always try to bypass Happy Donation of all Worst Case Senarios. Further information will follow! Happy-Day to all! ????

? News 08. August 2019

The frontpage as well as the dashbord are finished! We are working on the move and the preparations are almost finished. We will inform you tomorrow how the beta start will proceed! Nobody can imagine what to do! But we are very close to our goal! Tomorrow there will be more interesting information!

? News 07. August 2019

Today was a very good day! The progress is very good! We are working hard on the preparation of the structure. We can't estimate it 100% yet, but it won't take much longer. If you have a test access, you should take advantage of it now. Very important for the leaders in Africa. The more you know the dashboard, the better it is. The database with the test accesses will be completely deleted! Thanks to the many registrations we know that the system works!

Tomorrow the last texts in the dashboard will be updated. And the frontpage of Happy-Donation is finished. We can look forward to the next info! Lets go ????

? News 07. August 2019

We have now put the workshop with the topic: "Betastart - Was ist zu tun" online.

Es ist in Englisch, Russisch und Deutsch. Das ist wichtig, dass jeder weiß, war zu tun ist! Jetzt gibt es auch einen anderen Workshop zum Thema:

Wie fange ich mit Happy Donation an? In diesem Workshop wird jeder einzelne Schritt Schritt und erklärt.

Viele kleine Dinge wurden im Dashboard geändert. Weiter arbeiten wir gerade an der Struktur! Weitere Infos folgen! ????