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Do you know Happy Donation? Under the motto "People help people" we are active worldwide and provide financial support to everyone who joins us.


Do you also want to be part of a worldwide community and help other people? Then join us and build your financial independence. With only 20 € you are part of it.


People help people ?

This is the motto of Happy Donation. Help for self-help, so that one can leave financial worries behind.
Just started in the beta phase to integrate people worldwide step by step and thus create the conditions to alleviate poverty.

Partners already exist in more than 20 countries

With only 20 $ once, in the euro area 20 €, everyone, wherever in the world, can join our program. This 20€ or $ is paid directly to the sponsor and not to any company. That is, the more personal commitment, the higher the financial contributions.

On this page you will find all information:

Furthermore, you can be sponsored if there is no money available to get started. For this and for registration please contact me.

Registration is only possible through registered partners.

Happy-Donation is a well thought-out system, which will not come to a standstill due to built-in automatisms and will change the world for the better.