The facts

You pay a one-time fee of 20 USD.
Further upgrades will be paid out of the received payments.
No additional payments are required.
There are no additional costs. Free use of the platform with Dashboard.
Anyone can build their team at will.
Fiduciary monitoring of all transactions.
Professional advice on legal, tax and social issues.
about a happy donation! The consultations are carried out exclusively by lawyers, tax consultants and social consultants.
The necessary manpower for all essential situations is available.

The beginning

They were able to get Fritz enthusiastic about Happy Donation.
Fritz pays you the 20 USD as a tipster.
You have received the money and registered Fritz in your dashboard.
With the registration your account sends 20 USD to the new partner.
Fritz 'Account automatically performs the first upgrade.
You receive 5 USD because you are the consultant of Fritz.
15 USD go to Fritz 'first upline. (Position directly via Fritz)
Fritz now has an active account. He can now recharge his account and register new members himself.
Fritz has laid the foundation for the development of his teams.


What to do next

Fritz inspired Ute and Eva to Happy Donation.
Now Fritz receives 20 USD from both partners.
So that Fritz can now register Ute and Eva, he has to top up his credit account.
Fritz sends 20 USD to Ute and 20 USD to Eva with the registration via the system.
The system performs the first upgrade for Ute and Eva.
Fritz receives 5 USD each from Ute and Eva.
Since Fritz is also the first upline, he receives 15 USD each from Ute and Eva.
Here Fritz is the first upline and the tipster. Therefore he receives both payments.
The first payment on the account performs the first upgrade of.
Each further upgrade is done through the payments received.



First upgrade with 20 USD = 5 USD for the Tipster and 15 USD for the 1st Upline
Second upgrade with 30 USD = 15 USD for the tipster and 15 USD for the 2nd upline.
Third upgrade with 50 USD = 25 USD for the Tipster and 25 USD for the 3rd upline.
Fourth upgrade with 70 USD = 35 USD for the Tipster and 35 USD for the 4th upline.
Fifth upgrade with 100 USD = 50 USD for the Tipster and 50 USD for the 5th upline.

From the 2 members of your 1st level you will receive 2 x 15 USD = 30 USD.
From the 4 members of your 2nd level you get 4 x 15 USD = 60 USD.
From the 8 members of your 3rd level you receive 8 x 25 USD = 200 USD.
From the 16 members of your 4th level you receive 16 x 35 USD = 560 USD.
From the 32 members of your 5th level you receive 32 x 50 USD = 1.600 USD


What does advertising mean?

You will receive 50% from each affiliate you have registered. The only exception is the first upgrade. If the upgrade is identical to the level, you will receive both payments as a tipster.

By your activity you support other partners in your organization. Partners who have not been successful in your team will continue to receive payments. If you successfully recruit people for your team now, you naturally hope that your team partner will also recruit. Unfortunately, we have found that more than half of them are inactive for various reasons!

This situation has a demoralizing effect. You keep hearing, "I've registered 20 partners and most of them do nothing. This is also the reason why many partners give up after a short time. No one will run after anyone!

The system is not programmed to receive passive partner payments. Here the Happy Donation automatic comes into play, the next section is explained.

The Happy Donation Automatism (HDA)

An account that receives payments and does nothing is a sleep account (S account). These S accounts are also an important part of the Happy Donation concept. As soon as an account is received by your team within a month, the system will automatically register for this S-account partner. At 100 USD there is one partner, at 200 USD there are two partners and so on. The S-Account is also the tipgeber and to be each 20 USD the system for registered members. (This function is optional!)

What happens now?

The active partners will be supported.
The owner of the S-account is supported. Because he receives 50% of both accounts, the system is registered for him each time he upgrades.
Through this action, members of the entrance will be paid and thus these people will soon also benefit from Happy Donation. Happy Donation will grow and we will soon have 1000 such S-accounts in the system. Then the system will need 2000 partners who will be distributed to the S-accounts. To find these people, there is an advertising page. There people can apply for a free membership.

Advertising page for the HD-Automatism

On the advertising page people worldwide can apply for membership of Happy Donation. With the registration this membership is applied again. All Happyans should advertise this advertising page, because every Happy has an S-Account in his team. The HDA takes over the new members from the database of the advertising page. For customers who would like to pay people to participate in a Happy Donation, they also come from the database of the advertising page.

There are more than 2 billion people in the world who have to live on less than 2 USD per day.

What happens now?

People register on the advertising page.
You will receive an email that you have registered in the database, and once you have found a user, you will be registered with HD free of charge.
We also use this database for customers who are willing to allow multiple people to start using Happy Donation through their account. This is the most important humanitarian idea of Happy Donation! We are also sure that there are many people who thank Happy Donation and then act as patrons of certain payments. And through these happy donations you help many people worldwide. Happy Donation will also do something for the infrastructure in the poor countries!
You can now see that all this has a deeper meaning.

How is all this financed?

A network company with a product has a commission plan in its marketing plan that goes up to level 15, for example. The company has only the actual positions to be 

Happy donation is similar! However, since there is no company here, all payments that cannot be assigned to an account are routed to another system maintenance pot (SET).

How is this to be understood?

The Fritz is in the 5th level of the highest account.
Due to the incoming payments at Fritz, the system now carries out the 6th upgrade.
However, since the 6th upline is not occupied, this money flows into the SET.
In this system maintenance pot (SET) most payments will be received at least at the beginning. This is very important because this SET ensures that there will be a happy donation for a very long time.

All costs like server costs, programming costs, consulting costs etc. are paid from the SET. As you can see, everything has been thought of and Happy Donation does not depend on anyone.

What is all planned?

The portal will be further developed after the beta start. The portal is far from finished. The core team of Happy-Donation consists of members who have large structures and never think of letting Happy-Donation do damage.

The right form of donation will be decided. It will probably be a combination of an association and a foundation. The domain is securely positioned. There shouldn't and won't be anyone who can stop the successful path of Happy Donation.

Furthermore the following actions are planned:

Stammtischkonzept - In each city there should be a HD Stammtisch, at which members can bring along new prospective customers.
Offline webinars in the big cities
Radio advertising, television advertising and TV appearances from the German-speaking countries.
Support of humanitarian events of various kinds.
Each Happyan is free to decide how he wants to build his team. It should always be clean and fair. Members should only persuade to make this payment of 20 USD. Everything else makes Happy donation. The important are random members, the spirit of the happy Spending with much joy in the world wear! Let's look forward to an exciting future.

Happy-Donation in a nutshell!

As a sponsor you are looking for people every day who need Happy Donation.

Therefore, you create several payment senders / recipients every week.

You create a "Spill - Over - Effect" yourself.

This is the fastest system in the world, as everyone helps and everyone gives 15 times a payment to get one hundred times.

Everyone only pays if they have already got one! Take once 20 $ in your hand and sign up for Happy Donation - done!

The end of the emergency is called Happy Donation.

Tun, you get and bring it to your beloved people, you can also use.

Help yourself and many people all over the world by registering with Happy Donation!


Participation does not require any knowledge. Trust your consultant and register. All knowledge then comes with upgrades. You will be informed about all actions in your team. There is no risk and everything is real and serious. All your data will be treated confidentially according to the basic data protection regulation of the EU (EU-DSGVO). There are enough partners in your upline who will support you if you wish.