Information for PL100 members and members who have registered through our Happy-Donation humanitarian advertising site.

  1. General Info
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Video humanitarian advertising site
  4. Info for members with a humanitarian account

1. General Info

On the humanitarian website all people worldwide can register for free. You will then receive an email with a confirmation link. After confirmation of the registration they will receive a second email with information. With the access data they can log into the database and make any changes to their personal data..

Now you just have to wait until you find a patron who will pay the necessary 20 USD and enable you to become a full member of Happy-Donation. With the registration at Happy-Donation you will again receive a welcome email. You can get more information here at 

2. Questions and answers

1. Who can register with the humanitarian advertising site. 

All people worldwide. It is necessary to have an email address. Further you need the username, then first name, last name and the information in which country you live.

2. do I have to pay anything for the registration on the Humanitarian Database?

No. Registration is free!

3. If I register with Happy Donation later, will I have to pay anything?

No. Registration at Happy-Donation is for members of the humanitarian database for 20 USD. These costs are paid by the sponsor or the benefactor. Humanitarian accounts can currently only be registered by the system or the HD Support Team.

4. How long do I have to wait until I am registered at Happy-Donation?

This cannot be defined. It always depends on how high the demand is. We assume that the registration at Happy-Donation will be done in 4 weeks at the latest.

5. Can I also recruit partners as a humanitarian account?

Yes, please send an email to the support! You will then be advised. For a registration of a new member you always need the necessary amount in the credit account.

3. Video humanitarian advertising site

Coming soon!
(see also

Humanitärer Werbevideo Happy-Donation

4. Info for members with a humanitarian account


HD-Powerline – Humanitarian Account    

By registering on Happy-Donation will help you and improve your standard of living.

The costs for the registration at Happy-Donation are covered by a patron!

You help with your registration and you do not need to do anything!

Through the activity of the system and active members your team will grow and sooner or later you will receive
your first payments!

You will receive an email notification about every step that happens in your account! You can also track everything transparently under Transactions

If you want to become active yourself, you can write an email to the support. We will then show you the possibilities.

You register on You will receive a confirmation link by email. With this registration you ask for an admission or for the registration at Happy-Donation.

The system will now register you at Happy-Donation. The 20 USD are paid by a patron. In the following the further procedures are described

.-You will be registered with Happy-Donation.
- Your account will be paid by a patron.
- You will receive payments through growth into your upgrade account.
- As soon as 30 USD are received, the system will make the second upgrade for you. You reach the second         stage. With the 2nd upgrade no money goes into the credit account yet.
- As soon as another 60 USD from your team are received in the upgrade account, the system will make the 3rd       upgrade. When that will be depends on the activity of the members. We assume after about 4 to 6 weeks.
- Now 10 USD will be added to the credit account. You can dispose of the credit account freely. Please request  payouts from HD Support Team.
- Your team will be laundered as more people are registered in the system.
- Upgrade 4 will be triggered when another 125 USD are reached in your upgrade account.
- Of this, 55 USD will be added to your credit account.
- Upgrade 5 will be triggered when another 200 USD are reached in your upgrade account. 100 USD will be     added  to your credit account.

It goes on like this until the 15th upgrade. Now you are familiar with the system and maybe you will become an active member yourself. There are internet pages on the homepage under addresses/contacts, where you can get more information about Happy-Donation.


We ask you for your assistance!!

You know people who also need help.

Then advertise Happy-Donation. The more people register at, the faster the next upgrade will take place.

With every registration you help people all over the world. And of course yourself.

There are more than people worldwide who have to live on less than 2 USD a day.
Everyone should have a hot meal and clean water to drink once a day.

That's a big target. Thank you for your cooperation!